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Yes white willow bark really does work for pain. It has been used by the Chinese for 2.500 years and in the 19th century the active ingredient salicylic acid was isolated, and from this the aspirin was developed.

It works well for back pain, of cause it is not comparable to morphine or other strong pain killers but is comparable to aspirin. The side effects are less then aspirin, but being related should not to be taken if you have ulcers or are intolerant to acetylsalicylic acid.

I would also say that this is a drug and does have a mental effect also, that’s just my opinion. And I still prefer this to pain meds.
I believe willow bark should be used on a constant basis to be effective. I doubt it will work right away as aspirin does.
I find it works straight away. My understanding is, it is slower then aspirin but then also longer working. I have read it also has an anti-inflammatory effect, maybe this takes some time to work?