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I wasn't on blood thinners, just an aspirin a day. I convinced them that I didn't need the stockings because it made the numbness in my heel worse. I was in the hospital for 5 days as well.

Did everyone have the 'minimally invasive' surgery where they do two small incisions and put the new hip in 'blind' (they have to look thru scopes since you are not laid open), or the full incision. Mine was the 'full' one. The incision is only a little over 5 inches (not too bad). I think the recovery is longer with this one (it's supposed to be). I wonder if this pain is from muscles healing or from bone growing into prosthesis. My doctor calls it 'soft tissue' pain. He says it is merely 'shock' of my body getting used to metal inside me. That really doesn't make sense to me...

Also, I had to have two screws put into the socket side because the hip joint was not 'laying' correctly. I also wonder if the body has to get used to the screws too. Did any of you have this done? Sometimes I feel like my leg is twisted, but that doesn't happen all the time. Anyone have this?

I'm in Pittsburgh and the weather was beautiful and 60 degrees for our opener today. Then again, on Sunday I woke up to 2 inches of snow covering every branch of every tree (it was everywhere). It's gorgeous when it covers everything like that but I would rather have the sun now (it is spring already)!!!

By the way, when I posted a while ago I picked a smile face that looked good and put it at the end. After I hit the enter key I noticed that it was sticking it's tongue out... sorry if I offended anyone... I guess I should be more careful. I assume no one caught it since you are all being nice and replying to me all the same.

Take care all! :cool: