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I've discussed the subject a little on here. But most people sort of ARE looking for a magic pill, so diet is not going to be your most popular subject in *any* situation. Acne is not any different than weight loss, heart disease, any other problem that is affected greatly by diet. People, especially Americans, were almost all raised to eat a certain way and hate to be told otherwise. I guess it's human nature to want to live however you want and the pick up the pieces later. Folks would rather take an aspirin than figure out why their head hurts.

Anyway, contrary to my views above, I have had absolutely no success at combatting acne with diet. However I'd be interested in reading that book to see if there is anything I don't know.

I went through a huge revolution a couple of years ago and entirely turned around the way I live. I got more active, stopped smoking, and quit eating animal flesh, synthetic chemicals, and refined foods. My diet is just about as healthy as a diet can possibly get. But my skin is the same, sometimes worse, as it's always been. My best guess is that not everyone's acne has it's root in diet. Perhaps some people's is hormonal, or due to stress, or something other than what they eat. Because I certainly have a lot of problems, even though my diet and lifestyle isn't one.