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I have suffered with acne for about 20 years now - I'm 37. I have tried pretty much all the OTC creams etc and over the years most antibiotics and Dianette. Also, Vitamin B, Zinc, Omega 3, Sulphar, Chinese medicine. In desperation I am about to start a herbal remedy called HRI Clear Complexion which I read about in a magazine recently. I live in Cyprus so had to order from the internet and am awaiting delivery.

I find that at the beginning, most drugs work for me just fine then over time my body seems to get used to them and the spots come back.

I find the aspirin mask helpful in drying up spots and also Quinoderm BP but they still keep on coming, every day there is a new one or three.

All this has left me with a lot of scars, red marks and uneven skin tone so I have booked a course of Microdermabrasion starting 2nd week in January.

I know this will not stop the spots coming and I'm not expecting a miracle but I am hoping that it will give me a more even skin tone and help me to feel better about myself as currently, I don't like to look at myself too close in the mirror.

Results to follow, I'll keep y'all posted.