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My acne is on the moderate to severe level, so we have that in common. But I haven't tried near as many things as you have. Not because I'm lazy or I don't want to. I have panic disorder that is a thousand times more severe than my acne and it actually prevents me from doing a lot of that stuff. Pills for example- I cannot take any kind of pill or medication, I am phobic of them. Just an aspirin can send me into a panic attack. I got a prescription for an antibiotic, and it sent me to the emergency room, vomiting for the first time in my life. That just reinforces my phobia. Same thing with thyroid meds, Accutane, birth control.

The Paleo Diet I am trying to adopt principles of, but I have to go extremely slow. I cannot wake up one day and completely change the way I live. The slightest dip or rise in blood sugar can send me spiraling into panic. That combined with the stress and anxiety of changing my eating habits, a HUGE part of my life, makes trying out an acne diet a very difficult thing for me.

So I'm basically stuck with topical stuff, and like you they tend to have little to no effect. Sometimes I think it'd be easier just to find peace with my skin how it is.