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For about 5 years now, I've had mild to moderate acne-- mostly on the chin area. But, I have bad skin in general. It's very dry, with blackheads on my nose that never go away. And scars of course.. It looks terrible.
I haven't tried any medication, but I have tried:
-Proactiv (did nothing)
-Regular face cleansers; both benzoyl peroxide and sacylic acid
-Sea salt (This seems to work wonderfully for many. But for me? Nope. I'd use a mixture of celtic sea salt and water in a jar, and shake it up and spread it on my face using a cotton ball at night.)
-Aspirin masks
-Various detox stuff, including a colon cleanse once
-Plain water
-Not touching my face, at all-- and I rarely wear makeup
-Things like lemon and tea tree oil.
-Chlorella supplements (just started it today)

None of it's worked, at all. The sea salt seemed to take the edge off it for a bit, but not much else. No one else in my family has had acne (except for maybe for a few normal, mild breakouts as teens).
My diet is fairly healthy.. I've wondered if maybe I had a food allergy, like dairy for instance. But I don't consume much dairy anyway.

I'm exasperated. This has completely killed my self esteem. I don't have cysts or anything-- just your standard red bumps (rarely poppable), and of course black heads and other imperfections. I have no idea what to do.. And it's only been getting worse.
My current regime: washing with St Ive's apricot scrub in the morning, rinsing my face in the afternoon, then using a generic face wash (with either benzoyl peroxide or sacylic acid) at night, followed by sea salt. None of it works.

And I realize others have it worse, but.. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.