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I've read several posts on this site that mention aspirin masks. What exactly is an aspirin mask and how is it helpful? Is it literally just crushed aspirin made into a paste with some water? And if that's it, how long to do you leave it on for? I'm always willing to try something that people suggest!
The aspirin mask is..well..aspirin made into a paste form with water or whatever you want to use to dissolve it. Aspirin is actually made from saliycilic acid. Im not a chemist but I read that salicylic acid actually came before aspirin and that aspirin is a buffered form of salicylic acid. I used it as a scrub last night and prior to that my pores were clogged and hard and bumpy and I was so tempted to pick at them, after the aspirin mask I felt my skin and most of them were gone! It was sooooo smooth and I couldnt believe it. I think with a couple more goes and my skin will be bump free, and Im hoping that it will help with my large pores and blackheads that COVER my nose and chin area. All I can say is try it!
So where do you go about getting the things you need to make an aspirin mask? And what are the instructions on making them?

Also, does it help for oily skin too and blemishes or redness?
you can mix uncoated aspirin w/ distilled water and u can experiment by mixing in different masks and cleansers that you use. u don't have to crush the aspirin. it will dissolve in water.
Well, the only thing you NEED to have for the mask is aspirin, about 3-5 of them and you just keep dripping water on them until it gets like a paste. You can either use it alone or mix it with cleanser or honey or whatever. What I do is I scoop a little up at a time with my hand and spread it around like Im using it as a scrub, then I just let it sit which I guess would be same as then using it as a mask. I only let it sit about a minute or less after scrubbing with it yesterday and I think it did a great job. Because of that I dont think I'll let it sit any longer because of some people saying it has a drying effect.