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If someone has already posted about this, I apologize for being repetitive but I just wanted to share two things with you all that FINALLY worked for me. :angel: I tried an aspirin mask, which is just 4-5 aspirin dissolved in a little bit of water spread on your face and left for ten minutes. I do this once a week and my skin is so soft when I am done and it stops the breakouts. Another thing is I have started putting apple cider vinegar (it is important to use the ac kind and not the white vinegar, which depletes minerals) as a toner on my face. I dillute it with a little bit of water and put it on my face with a cotton ball and the VERY FIRST NIGHT I did it I woke up with noticably clearer, glowing skin. If anybody else tries these things please let me know how they have worked for you. I have tried almost every product there is and if I had just known a long time ago that the cheapest cure was right under my nose, omg! I spent 99cents on the aspirin and $2.99 on the acv.
I've used the aspirin mask for a long time now, and it's amazing, but ACV doesn't seem to do anything for me. Some people say ACV makes a good hair rinse (diluted), but it just makes my hair dry and flyaway. I know it's supposed to restore the ph balance to your skin, but it doesn't do any more than water for me.
I've just started using the ACV recently and didnt want to post what it actually did to my skin until I gave it enough tries. I neglected my normal routine over the weekend due to a bout of the flu....come Monday and I my face was pretty rough looking, so I decided to try my St Ives alpha hydroxy peel off mask...which didnt seem to do anything for my face, then later that night I did the aspirin mask, and the next day I had quite a few new spots. I dont know what exactly caused it, but last night I didnt do anything except wash my face with my Aveeno calming foam cleanser and toned with ACV and moisturized, then this morning it looks like all those new ones already shrunk somewhat and formed the whiteheads, when normally they wouldve still been new and red, so it definately sped up the process for healing. One more night I think they will be all dried up. I dont use it full strength either, I take a cotton pad and wet it first with water then put an estimated equal amout of acv on it.
Hey... thanks very much for this tip. I had never heard of using aspirin topically before but I'm defo going to give it a try. I went out and bought some soluble aspirin today and was wondering, how much water do you add? Do you make it so the tablets totally dissolve in the water so its like a solution or do you only add a little so its like a paste? Does it even make any difference?
I've used acv, aspirin, aloe, mineral water, and EV coconut oil. all of these worked great for me, but certain things won't always work for everyone. also, I found out on the net that it takes 3-4 weeks for pimples and zits to grow and submerge to the epidermal layer(so there goes all of the "I got zits overnight from eating chocolate")lol.
Hey guys,

Just thought I'd let you know I tried the aspirin mask. My skin does feel good for it and I don't have any fresh breakouts so I think it's helped, I'll definitely keep it up a couple of times a week and see how it works out.

Question though - where do you get apple cider vinegar and what is it? is it meant to be a beauty/ skin product or is it meant to be a food? is this a dumb question? haha. I just dont know where to look for it.

thanks for your help so far!