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Do the zits look any different or have any different characteristics when you get them due to having an initial breakout, or what you'd call purging I guess. I didnt start doing anything different other than trying a homemade pore strip thats supposed to be like the Biore strips, but after that I made sure I did an aspirin scrub (gently) and then honey mask (which I do anyways) to help sooth my face. Now the area that I used the pore strips is badly broken out, but they seem to be popping up with whiteheads right away. I know well enough to not freak out or overcleanse my skin when I break out, so Ive been treating it gently even though I SHOULD be freaking out. I dont know if this is just my pores cleaning themselves out or what, I use natural products on my face besides the cleanser, which is aveeno. Im aware that this breakout catastrophy could be due to the pore strips, and will not being doing it again. But I still wanted to know if this could possibly be purging.

Does anyone have any info about this? Thank you