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Im trying to figure out what these are. I get these mostly around my hairline/forehead and central cheek areas, but I get them basically everywhere. Most of the time I can just scratch them out but sometimes dont even have to use my fingernail and they just fall out after rubbing it off. They look like little tiny yellow hardened balls of sebum that were in my pores, sometimes still attached to a peice of hair. Also sometimes the reason I scratch at it to get it out is because it itches. I dont think they turn into pimples much.

Does anyone know what the heck these things are and how do get rime of them? I do exfoliate with aspirin as my scrub every couple days. Oh and I also get them on my upper arms, but they dont always come out easy there. I have some blackheads, lots of large clogged pores, moderate sized pimples I get around my cheeks where these things are and around my mouth area. I wouldnt say my skin is really oily, but it can feel tight and dry sometimes, otherwise oily, its like I dont really have a skin type. Also I think I might have slight rosacea around my tzone area. Anyone know? Thank you