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Clean Weave Facial Buff - made my Elizabeth Spa available at Walmart where you would find body scrubbers and such. Its really cheap too, like 2.99 or somthing.

Very different from the buff puff, which ive used in the past and didnt like how it felt like it was scratching my skin off. Might as well have used a fish tank algae scrubber! Anyways, I use this after cleansing but before rinsing the cleanser off my face, so its gets soapy from the cleanser thats already on your face but you can add more if you want. Best to let it sit under warm water and scrunch it to soften it up a bit, especially when its brand new.

It feels really good when you use it and makes you skin soooo soft. Compairable to the way the aspirin mask exfoliates but since thats too drying to use every day this is better for your delicate skin. You do not want to press really hard, you dont even need to...just gentlly massage it around. It gets the dead skin and hard bumpy things off (you can almost feel those coming out)!

It helps so well with exfoliation that its the only thing Ive found so far to clean up these clogged pores on my chin area that I can see all the gunk even sticking out when I use a magnification mirror. Ive went on and off using it in the past couple years but keep going back to it after I seem to think some other product might work better, but no...
Ok just bumping this up again...Now I know this is a great product because I got lazy one night and didnt wash my face and I went the whole next day without washing it (running late and busy day!)so it was almost 2 days! So by last night my face was feeling pretty gross and I looked at my face with my magnification mirror and saw that amost every pore in my tzone was clogged and and it was all flaky and needed some super exfoliation. I massaged my skin with it while washing and was suprised to see that my pores on my chin area were 99% cleaned out and my face was soft again! Ive done this before and tried exfoliating with the aspirin mask and I remember seeing a lot more clogged pores left than with this. Just wanted to share more on how helpful this is if you have to constantly exfoliate your skin, since is a chemical free way to do it.