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So I have been doing the aspirin scrub that I read about on this board everyday in the shower for the past week. I think it is helping my acne, but the last two days I have woken up with dry, tight skin. I'm having trouble weighing whether I should stop the aspirin scrub/mask for a while, and risk breaking out, so that my skin regains some moisture or not. Is there any way to keep my skin moist while still doing the aspirin daily?
Definately shouldnt be doing the aspirin mask every day. Also I wouldnt try a heavier moisturizer or anything because that could possibly aggrivate your acne by possibly clogging your pores. Try using the aspirin mask less often and instead use a non-chemical way of exfoliating. Theres a facial "buff" that I use and I absolutely love it. Ive actually quit using the aspirin mask, because my face feels just as soft with this thing. Its the "clean weave facial buff" by Elizabeth spa and you should be able to get it at walmart where they have all the body puffs and back scrubbers and all that stuff. Its way better than the buff puff if you know what that is, because it doesnt feel like its scratching your face. When its brand new, its a bit harder than I like but I just scrunch it under warm water for a while. It doesnt add any time to your routine, I put my cleanser on it and use it to wash my face, and I do NOT have to scrub with it. I didnt think I would want to quit the aspirin, but I like being able to make it soft w/out chemicals so I for the moment have no need for it anymore.