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Just a warning. There have been quite a few posts on the board on and off about success with giving up all treatments. I decided to try it recently since, I'm 21 and hey maybe I've grown out of acne. Wrong. Basically I wash my face twice a day with cleanser, and apply benzoyl peroxide gel. Sometimes I do other things like the aspirin mask. I gave up the gel and used the cleanser only at night, washing with just water in the morning. The first week went fine but then all hell broke loose during the next few days after that. Right now my skin is easily the worst it's ever been. I have several painful interconnecting cysts on my chin and jaw line area, plus moderate breakouts on my forehead. Any dermatologist that saw me right now would put me on accutane in a second. But I am currently giving my old regimen a chance to work again and I'm hoping to god that it does. But anyway I should have tested this on one area of my face at a time and I definitely would advise that to anyone else thinking of trying this method. Also if you're still breaking out on your current regimen, especially if doing nothing was what you did when your acne started in the first place, chances are you haven't grown out of it yet.

Edit: Another thing, some people say it takes 4 weeks or however long for pimples to form, but after this I simply don't believe it. Although my skin has its ups and downs, it has never been this bad so if something else caused my severe breakout then it was one HECK of a coincidence.