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Ok just giving an update here for anyone whos skeptical of water only. Im still doing really good. I have had like one or two breakouts in the past two weeks or so but my skin looks really good as my red marks start to fade. I havent used moisturizer but sometimes (very rarely) i will put a tiny drop of jojoba to give a little moisture before bedtime and it hasnt broke me out from that, which Ive tried the jojoba thing before when I used a bunch of products and that reacted really bad. My skin reacted differently to the aspirin mas and I had peeling skin for a few days afterwards, which when I used products I could use the aspirin mask with no problem, so my skin is definately more sensitive to products I believe. At any rate my skin's starting to feel more smooth as well, my forehead is 100% clear and silky smooth.

Ive changed my makeup to Almay's line smoothing compact foundation and that has not broke me out either! It actually feels really nice, I posted a thread about it if you'd like to read about it. I used clearly natural glycerin souap for likek 5 seconds to take it off a few nights, and I even think I slept with it on once (tisk tisk).

Well just thought anyone might like the update =)