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So I read on this board about epidermx and silkia camellia oil and have been using them on my acne scars and red splotches for about three weeks. Although I do think that my pitted scars have filled out a little (but that could just be because time has passed) I think that my scars have become more red and i have become broken out in the areas surrounding each scar. It also seems like my skin is becoming thinner, like maybe scrubbing everyday has made it really sensitive, and if I scratch at all, my skin breaks.

Has anyone encountered problems like this? This is so frustrating because now I still have my scars, plus I'm broken out, plus my skin seems very fragile. I'm going to stop using the oil for a few days, but do I need to stop the epidermx also? And if I stop using both, what is good for making scars less red? I have been sleeping with an aspirin mask on my scars every night as well, but it isn't making much difference.

Please help! Thanks!