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Frequently surgeons prescribe some type of anti-embolic measures following surgery. Among them are the stockings that you ask about. Mine were called "T.E.D.s" which is a brand name. I was issued a pair in the hospital and told when and how long to wear them. Instructions may vary from one Dr. to another so follow whatever you're told. Mine said wear them 24/day for 6 weeks except for when I took them off to bathe. I purchased a second pair so I would have one to wash & one to wear. I slept with them on.
Yes, I learned to put them on & take them off myself with the help of two handy tools: a "sock-helper" device to put them on & and a dressing stick to get them off. Got pretty good at it too! A tip: get the rigid plastic sock helper with a pair of garters attached.
Other anti-embolic measures that may be ordered concurrently with the stockings include aspirin, warfarin [Coumadin] or other blood thinner. Sometimes they might use pneumatic stockings in the hospital but I never had those. I just wore TEDS and took warfarin for 5-6 weeks.
Actually getting out of the bed, walking, & moving around a lot is another sort of anti-embolic measure. The quicker you get up and move and stop lying in bed, the lower the risk of DVT [deep vein thrombosis] and PE [pulmonary embolism]. PE can kill you and that's why these things are ordered for surgical patients.