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These are just some things I've found to be effective in treating and preventing acne:

aspirin mask: have your son mix a drop or two of honey with about 7 baby aspirin (without the coating, they're like $1 a bottle at any dollar store) and a drop or two of water in a bowl. Then, have him gently apply it to his face, leaving it on for anywhere from 20-45 minutes. The honey is like an anti-bacterial and the aspirin is another for of salicylic acid to reduce redness

gentle face scrub: I've found face scrubs to be much more effective than just plain face washes. I highly recommend St. Ives Apricot scrub! Just make sure he doesn't scrub his face too hard. Also, when drying his face, make sure he pats and doesn't rub.

Taking fish oil and flax seed oil are also supposed to be very good for the skin. I've never taken either, but my brother swears by them!

Good luck to you and your son!