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OK huge problem:

I had a tiny pimple on my chin with no head, but I was stupid and i picked at it anyway. It little bit came out but it didn't "pop." Next day, it was more swollen, still no head, but it seemed to pop out when I squeezed.

Day three- MY ENTIRE CHIN AREA IS HUGE, RED, SWOLLEN, AND PAINFUL. Did I create a cyst? Is it an infection? I'm terrified (not to mention mortified...)

Unfortunately I pick at my face a lot, and this has never happened before. I don't know what this is or what to do. I have been putting on aspirin mask after aspirin mask, but it hasn't really helped and now other parts of my face are just dry and red. Last night I put a needle right into the middle to relieve some pressure, but that didn't really help and now I'm afraid that may have infected it more.

Please, PLEASE HELP ME!! My dermatologist is away on vacation and can't be reached, and I don't know if maybe I need to go to the hospital?? The swelling now is about a 4 inch wide circle, and there is a hard lump in the middle as if there is a lot of pus that needs to come out. But it just won't pop!!

Please any advice at all!
thanks for the response. i went to the emergency doctor at my dermatologist's office today and he injected it with something, and the swelling definitely has gone down. now it's about an inch in diameter, but still looks pretty scary and gross. he said i created a cyst! i didn't think that was possible. i'm sure that whatever he did will help, but he said it may take up to a month to go away! i've never had a cyst before, but does that sound normal? also, what do people do when they get cysts? nothing? ice? aspirin?

thanks in advance!