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Well I'm not sure I can cheer you up I'm afraid but I certainly know how you feel. I'm in my thirties and have had acne on and off since about 13 and its driving me mad!! There's nothing worse than people telling you "its not too bad", I know they think they are trying to tell you what they think you want to hear but I personally find it so patronising - its almost like you then have no right to feel pissed off even! The one thing I would say is some things seem to work for some of the time, so vary your treatments, I've had quite a good run on the aspirin mask thing but now thats starting to fail me as well, so I'm searching for a new alternative that I haven't tried - I swear that bacteria seem to "adapt" to whatever you throw at it, my real problem is envy - I seem to be surrounded by zit free people who I envy far more than I probably should, its just that they have no idea what its really like, part of me thinks "yeah and how happy/confident/outgoing would they be if they looked like me". But thats where a site like this is good cause we're in that (unfortunate) club who KNOW what its like so can share problems/thoughts/solutions, the one positive thing I have gained from acne is I believe it has made me less judgemental about appearances, its a cliche I know but it really is what is inside that counts, so if you can look at yourself and say I am a good person then that is worth so much. Take Care ;)