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Hi everyone! :cool:

I am back from right hip replacement and two weeks of rehab! My original idea was to go right home after surgery but when I woke up from the operation there was no way I was going home right away! Duh. You knew it all the time, didn't you?

I am back home now and using a walker. Things are going well and I think it will not be too long before I will go to a cane. I get very tired and take frequent rests on the bed. Am listening to my body. Because I am allergic to aspirin I give myself two injections daily for preventing blood clots. Not a problem doing this.

I am using the leg lifter to get in and out of bed and what a marvelous invention that is. I couldn't get along without it. I don't have to wear the TEDs anymore and when I did, used the sock donner to put them on and the dressing stick to pry them off. Both worked very well and I loved the dressing stick. I also was able to put on the TEDs with the sock donner which was a surprise to me. I thought that would not work but it did. The reacher wonderful for picking up clothing to put on, and also taking it off, putting the clothes aside. I can't recommend all these dressing aids too highly. I bought some beforehand and some while in rehab. My insurance did not pay for any of them but that is OK. I really was grateful to have them. Medicare will pay for a large %age of the walker but I will have to pay 100% for the cane. But that is OK.

I can drive already but am going to confine that to going to doctors' appointments for a while. Before the surgery I laid in food for pantry and freezer and very glad to have it. I am able to slowly fix my meals and do up the dishes in a pan in the kitchen sink. Will not use the dishwasher till the bending restrictions are off. Am taking sponge baths. Have to get someone in to put grab bars on my shower but I won't be taking showers for a while yet anyway. Incision is healing well and no trouble with that. Had no blood tranfusions during surgery. Prosthesis looks good on the recent x-rays taken by surgeon. He was pleased by the surgery and my recovery.
So everything looks good here. I am so grateful to everyone on this Forum who offered opinions and tips. Thanks, everyone! You all are :angel:s.

Shirley H.