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Seems like recovery time is different for everybody depending on damage done and fitness/activity level. I had a miniscus tear and microfracture done two years ago this last September, also stretched the MCL pretty good. I think I'm doing ok but I still have some pain since I work it pretty hard at the gym including running several miles each session. I also get inflammation still, usually from the running, that feels like pressure behind the knee cap that will go away with rest. Since I don't feel I've *fully* (100%) recovered yet, I'm hoping another year or two...keeping my fingers crossed and praying that nothing like that ever happens again. For the most part, I'd say I'm hovering around 95% recovery for the last 18 months. Gains are slow coming! I think I'm average in my recovery based on the many people I've talked to that have had similar injuries as mine.

Not sure what to say about your pain level at 8 weeks post op? I could hobble around on mine before surgery, except for the occasional wrong step that reminded me something was wrong. Waited two months for it to get better, it didn't, then let the doc work on it. I really never had any pain from the surgery itself, never took any of the vicodin they gave me, can't remember how long after surgery I was on crutches, couple of weeks? I had full weight bearing status after surgery but it still hurt bad enough to use the crutches. But at 8 weeks, where you're at now, I was walking around well enough.

Why do you say PT is not working? I didn't do any 'official' PT. Told doc I was a regular member at the gym and very active, he said to continue with that, I played around in the pool some and did lot's of stationary bike to keep the knee flexed. I couldn't believe how stiff the knee was from the stretched MCL!

Any swelling issues? My doc liked to drain the knee, twice before surgery, once after, which helps a little with the pain and pressure you feel. Although him poking the big needle in your knee is scary!

Stay in the pool, I'd get on a stationary bike too, join a gym for your own sake, work towards an hour a day on the bike, light levels, just to keep the knee flexing. Stationary bike and pool are probably at the top of the list for acivities you need to do for recovery.

Surgery does not 'make it all better', it just fixes the damage, same levels of pain before and after surgery may persist, it's not like taking an aspirin and having it go away. You need to keep working it.

Have you had a follow up with the doc, I'm sure you have, what does he say?