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Wow, be careful there. If you have already had a heart attack or other acute incident, you certainly shouldn't stop taking your meds. But, aspirin is a blood thinner and to a lesser degree fish oil (salmon oil, Omega 3 fish body oils, etc...). My dad had a heart attack several years ago and is on coumadin, and he cannot take fish oil or aspirin anymore, or eat spinach of all things, because they intensify the blood thinning affect. You don't mention how old you are, or what type of lifestyle you lead, etc

I think aspirin is a great alternative, except that the gastric issues are unacceptable to many practitioners. I take the orange-coated type that only dissolves in the intestines, because I think the pain relieving and anti-inflammatory properties are far better than other OTC remedies, and aspirin actually helps heal inflamation (as do other NSAIDs to a lesser degree).