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Dear Marie:

During the two weeks I was in a rehab facility, and then about a week and a half back home, I gave myself injections of Lovenox, which is a milder form of Heparin. Look it up on the Internet, which is what I did when I got home. It was simple giving myself the injections - one morning and night. The rehab nurses taught me how to do it. No problem and doesn't hurt. I am allergic to aspirin and maybe if I weren't I would have been prescribed aspririn every day. I don't really know.

We all probably felt/feel anxious about maintaining the 90 degree angle (think of sitting up straight with your feet apart. This is the stance.) I do have to continually think of how I am doing things, but got used to this. It does take attention and careful posture, though. Maybe you will get some illustrations to make this easier to picture?

I have found the leg lifter to be my best friend for getting operated leg in and out of bed and driver seat of car.
The dressing stick, reacher, long handled shoe horn, and sock put er on er are indispensible, too. You will find you love all these aids.

Having these aids ahead of time will be a great boon, but maybe your hospital will supply them for a price. I was glad I already had them because I used them at home before the surgery.

I found the surgery no problem at all - the hard work comes during recovery. Rehab really is WORK and the harder you work the faster you get better! Our physical and occupation therapists worked us all very hard. They have to in order for things to progress.

You will do just fine, girl! Please come here for support and uplift and we all will be very eager to hear how you are doing when you get back home and feel up to sitting at the computer. You will need lots of rest when you get home. Do not try to rush things. You will heal at your own unique pace. :)

Shirley H.