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ugh im in the same situation right now, and it totally sucks!! im doing neosporin, taking advil, and putting on aspirin masks to help with the redness. i've heard icing can be helpful too.
thanks ill try the lemon thing, but what does it do? also is lemon juice the same thing or no? I dont have fresh lemons now, but can run and get some. lleess i thought i was one of the only people who made that big mistake, so your not alone. it just sucks cause it was almost all better, i should have just left it but no i had to make it worse. Im going to take some aspirin to, but it feels now i am confined to my home cause of this which sucks!!!! Im very depressed and i cant stop wondering when it will go away and get better, but i learned my lesson. I was actually really good when the cyst formed, i didnt touch it or pop it. It went down in a few days, but the after mark was bothering me so i thought it would be better if i pushed it, then pushed more and more, and you know what then happened.

The weird thing is about some acne, is that it actually gets better when u push it. I had spots before, where they were inflamed and swollen, but when i squeezed the stuff out, the redness went away and actually healed quicker. I now know though, u can never squeeze a cyst that has no head.