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well i am trying this on my son tonight was the first night...pills disolved well had to use bayer aspirin the others had a coating...he said it tingled when on and his face felt "clean" when he washed it off...will fill u all in as time goes by.
I have tried this. Its is a bit harsh but really gets a old layer of skin off. I just smash up 1-2 aspirin in a bowl with back of spoon until it is a powder and add it to a tablespoon of yogurt for a mask/scrub. (anykind of yogurt but not sugar free) Leave on for about 5 minutes and rinse off. I think the yogurt helps it from being to harsh. I would do a test spot first to see how you react, at least not your whole face, maybe on arm. Also, the aspirin will be absorbed into your system through your skin so if you have any other medications that might contra-indicate aspirin, beware.
well we havent seen much but one thing i did notice is the amount of aspirin i have to use!!! like 15! to cover only parts of his face and its reg sized aspirin! dont know why he doesnt have an overly large face lol