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I'm 25, I've had acne for over a decade. It has not gotten better since I've gotten older. I've tried many many things, been through many many rituals, and ended up with the routine I have now -- which is a very ridiculous routine. Tee tree oil soap, then 10% benzoyl peroxide, then moisturizer mixed with alpha lipoic acid (I mix manually), then concealer -- I do this twice a day when I wash my face, it takes 20 minutes each. And it doesn't work well. It's embarrassing to have my friends wait for me while I wash my face at night, or when I spend 40 minutes showering after I exercise. It's embarrassing to buy Cover Girl concealer as a 25 year old man, lol, but I need it to cover blemishes. Believe me, I have tried everything -- all sorts of ridiculous diets (such as NO carbs, gluten-free, vegetarian, milk-free, etc.), exercise, meditation, etc.

I've been to a dermatologist twice. The first time I was like 15, she gave me Retin-A, it dried out my skin way too much and I stopped at. At around 20 I decided to go back, I got some antibiotic which helped a little, but I stopped it because I don't like taking meds for no reason (if it barely worked). I'm willing to go back and try again. I don't care if it's accutane or whatever, I am just so sick of these dumb routines. Does anyone have experience with a certain medication which really helped? And I don't mean aspirin masks, GNC herbs, or any crap like that, but treatments which are actually effective and not time-consuming. I read an article about laser treatment for acne, which apparently has a good success rate. Can anyone give feedback on this or on other similar treatments? Thanks alot : )