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I am a 36 year old female and I have had acne since I was 19. I tried almost everything throughout the years including natural remedies and hard core medicine. Finally, without the consent of my dermotologist, I started taking Spiro with miraculous results. I now have been taking it for a year and have not had such clear skin since I was 18. I had horrible, deep and painful cysts as well as black heads and white heads all over my back, chest, arms and face. The worse was the cysts as they were very deep and ussually caused very large angry looking bumps. Now my skin is 100% clear and I use nothing else on my skin and even put lotion on every morning. I have had a full physical this year with great results, have had no side effects at all. The biggest obstacle I have now is that my skin is now in bad shape due to using drying products for the last 16 years, especially the aspirin mask. It seems like my skin is more aged than it really is. I wish there was a product that would tighten really well. However, I am free of acne and that is a miracle as far as I am concerned!

Just wanted to let everyone know.