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Well I know i'll eventually need left hip done because I looked at xrays with the surgeon. The femur is jammed into the socket. No space is visible at all. Booo. And now that right hip is pain free, I notice pain in the left hip--but it's still pretty minor. Aspirin helps. I'm assuming I'll know when the time is right. Now, I'm not ready to even think about a second replacement. I want to at least get to the 1 year recovery mark for right hip.

I'm returning to gym this Friday for my first session. My surgeon works out at my gym and he actually talked to my trainer last weekend and showed her what I could do and not do. He told her she could call him anytime to discuss exercises for me. Isn't that great?

I'll be interested Shirley in hearing what your doctor says about left hip when you go for your one year checkup.