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Hi Everyone, I am now 4 weeks and 2 days post THR and I have had a miserable week. I had been feeling so positive about my recovery up until this week. Today. I have been crying all day (even at PT) and this afternoon my sadness turned to intense anger. I am sick of being here dealing with this recovery. I feel defeated, isolated and alone. My Mom was my "Caretaker" for my kids today and I was so miserable to her that she threatened to get up and leave. It doesn't help that I have my period and that always makes things a million times worse for me.

My recovery is actually going well, acording to my PT. I will see my OS tommorrow. Here is my progress at the 4 week mark:

I am only taking Tylenol before PT. I have been off all other drugs since 2 1/2 weeks post-op. I am still taking an aspirin 2x a day. Last week at PT, I was told I should try to ditch the cane and crutch while at home. They had me walking without it at therapy and I was doing very well. I definately have a little waddle though. So, for the past week I have been mostly walking on my own in the house until today. I have been having pain that my PT thinks is muscle pain/tightness. It is more at the top of my hip and down my butt area. I started back on one crutch today because it has really bothered me for a couple days now. There was a new PTA at therapy today who was actually amazed that I was only 4 weeks post-op. I always feel better at PT. Today I walked on the treadmill for 15 minutes. I could have done more but someone else was waiting to use it.

I guess I should be happy about my progress but instead I feel so sad. I look at how my kids are running to my Mom instead of me for help. I think that everyone is getting a little tired of doing pretty much everything around the house. My OS usually lifts the restrictions after 6 weeks. I don't even know how to ease back into life once that happens. My time of total help will end after Thanksgiving. I will be on my own caring for the kids after that. My Mom thinks she may be able to add another week, so that will be great if she can. I am thankful to have had this much help so far, it was not easy schedualing 24/7 care for my kids, especially for my 6 month old.

I feel like I will be this way forever. Like I will never get better. Sometimes I wish I never had this surgery. Then my right hip acts up and I quickly remember why I did have surgery on my left.

I know some of you felt this way at some point. This is common right? I hope this doesn't last very long. I need that Sunshine back in my life.

Very Sad in PA,