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I have been told in the past that I have seasonal rhinitis. I have battled most of my adolescent and adult life with summer allergies. My best summer ever I took a combination of Claritin and Vancenase. This was back when Claritin was still prescription. Since then, I have tried Flonase, Singular, Zyrtec and some others, but I am still looking for a really effective nasal spray.

I mainly have sinus symptoms. My nose is constantly congested, runny and I have sinus pressure. I have spent years addicted to over the counter decongestants like 4-Way. I am currently taking Sudafed and Claritin. I don't have other symptoms like runny itchy watery

What else have other people tried? I see ads for RhinocortAqua, Astelin, Patanol. What works good for just nasal symptoms? I don't think that I need an antihistimine. Thanks in advance.