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OK, I saw the ENT again today, since the headaches are still there and the congestion only on the left side. I am 4 months post-op (3rd surgery). I had to hear the "We cleaned you out, everything is very open, there is no infection, we used the 3-D camera..." blah, blah, blah speech again. He agrees that I am congested..Uhh, ya think? I've been taking Clarinex and Singulair, and the ever so frequent steroid pack (which is the only thing that helps). He decided to add Astelin to see if that helps. Here's the problem -- I just made the mistake of searching this allergy board for Astelin...doesn't look too good...some of the things that were mentioned were that it has a HORRIBLE taste, makes you tired, and makes you sneeze after taking it.

Anyone wanna jump in with something positive about it? (Not that I think it's actually going to help...)

astelin didnt help me much. i had a septoplasty and my right maxillary opened 2 mo ago. i take claritin d (used to use zyrtec d but my ent said if c. works use it) neil med sinus rinse is a dream! it washes everything out! i also use rhinocort (wait at least 15 min before u blow) i think the only time astlein ever helped me was when i had a really runny nose.
Been there, totally open now and fixed completely, but why am i still dizzy and inflammed in the sinus if this is the case? My ENT just has no clue!

Here is my thinking. Even though the sinuses have been fixed the damage to the lining is there and can't be fixed. Once inflammed like that it could take years for them to heal or not. I don't know. I'm going on 1 year an a half and still inflammed, oh and 3 surgeries later. I get head aches and dizziness and a stuffy feeling, but nothing comes out. I am less dizzy when my nose starts to run, but that is not that often.

As far as Astelin. I tried it once and the taste was so nasty I didn't bother with it again.
I LOVE Astelin. Yes, it does taste awful, but if you lean your head forward while spraying it, not very much will go down your throat. But even if I actually had to taste it everyday, the benefits are worth it IMHO. I was using Flonase 2 sprays twice a day. Now I use Astelin and one spray of the Flonase.
Astelin didn't do anything for me, except give me bloody noses.
a 12 year old girl should NOT be using steroids! Even drugs like Flonase and Nasarel can be bad news for an kid. Astelin is better, but it also has side-effects, and is not appropriate for kids.

the irresponsibility of doctors sometimes amazes me.
My brother who is nine years old uses a steriod spray. One spray in each nostril. If my brother didnt use it he couldnt breathe right and might even have developed asthma which my dad has. Also I dont think a small dose is dangerous for kids. These drugs have been studied for long periods and they showed no difference in the blood work of children who took them. I think they are safe for kids at such a small dose.

Also I cant take astelin. I was so tired on it I couldnt barely get thru the day. It did work though.