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Hi Everyone,

You can add me to the ranks of those who suffer with allergies. I had two migraines last week which I called my gyno about (we're good friends out of the office too) she asked me if I had allergies because they can make migraines worse. I told her no...I spoke too soon.

Last weekend I started to get blurry vision, the dreaded head fog, itchy eyes and sinus pain. I started to think I was getting a head cold. My husband asked about allergies too. So, I couldn't take it anymore and went to the doctor yesterday. Sure enough...allergies! I'm kind of lucky because he is an allergy sufferer too and he put me on what he takes: Flonase, Astelin, and Clarinex. I'm on my second day of taking them. I feel better enough to function but still feel weird...head fog, blurry vision, etc. I know the flonase takes a couple of days to kick in so I will be curious to see if that is successful. One of my friends is on Flonase and it worked wonders for him. So...hopefully, it will do the same for me.

I've been combing this forum so I can learn about this new allergy thing. You all are a wealth of knowledge!