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Hi again all.

I tried astelin this morning and first noticed a terrible taste in my throat (which is expected when using a nose spray). The fullness and pressure in my head subsided within the hour. The problem I noticed was being VERY jittery. Has anyone had any experience with this med? Oral meds seem to do the same to me (allegra, zyrtec...). The ENT said I may want to try singulair, but I was nervous about that one so we tried this. I never used to have trouble with any medication, but this year I have for whatever odd reason.

Thanks in advance! Any info will help.

Sorry, I don't have that reaction. But I do notice a weird tickling in my nostrils after about 10 minutes of using Astelin. It usually opens up my sinuses but the tickling - which causing me to sneeze about 20 times - is horrible! I haven't talked to my doctor about it. I have started using a sinus rinse which helps me and just plain saline solution.
Thanks for the replies. I have tried Flonase, Rhinocort, Nasocort... The Astelin worked great, but I was very hyper all day with no other explaination.

I looked up SinusBuster. How does that work? When I researched it it looks like it wouldmake things worse, or just make your nose run like crazy. I have alot of thick PND and would think the pepper would make things worse. Very interesting. I'd like to hear more about it though.

Thanks again!