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Hey Everyone,

I'm 33 years old and this is my first year with having to deal with allergies. I do have a family background with allergies. My grandmother has them pretty badly along with asthma as do several of my cousins. Neither of my parents do.

Anyway, I have been trying to adjust to my new lifestyle and all of the meds that come with it. I have been on clarinex, astelin, and flonase for a past several months. These have been prescribed by my family doctor (who is also an allergy sufferer). He didn't really give me much advice other than take these...eventually, the flonase would kick in and the astelin wouldn't have to be used much. Well, I have been having a lot of break through symptoms between switching between the old bottle of flonase and the new bottle. It feels like I am not taking anything at all. So, that leads me to wonder if the clarinex is doing anything at all. Does anyone else have this problem? It takes me about a week to get back on track with the flonase after moving on to a new bottle. This fall I had a huge problem with switching bottles where my allergy symptoms got way ahead of me and the meds wouldn't work. My family doctor had to put me on prednisone for 10 days to get it under control.

I have started to do saline nasal sprays before the astelin and the flonase and after being someplace where there's dust and after being outside. That helps a little bit for a little while.

Here I am right after switching bottles again this weekend and I feel gross. I will admit I hadn't been counting the number of pumps I use out of the Flonase bottle and I go until it's almost empty. I will count this time and see if this makes a difference in the coverage between bottles. Is there a better time of day to take this stuff (all of the meds I'm on)? I have been taking it in the morning when I first get up and the Astelin again in the afternoon. Any and all advice you can give me would be most appreciated. (I have also tried a lot of the OTC allergy meds too...Tylenol Allergy, Alavert, Benedryl, Sudafed PE with no luck)

I am going to go see an allergist in a couple of weeks so I can see what exactly I am allergic too. From what I can tell...it's mostly outdoor stuff and the family doctor is guessing mold from my reaction this fall. We had an incredibly rainy fall this year.