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I have a question for the members of this board. For those of you who have had the immunotherapy shots, how many years did they remain effective before you went for additional testing?

I had my last allergy testing 10 years ago and had 3 years of shots. The immunotherapy helped alot, but never got rid of all symptoms. I have been on maintainance dosages since then. This last year though, the allergies have gotten worse. I am on Allegra 180, Singulair, Flonase and Astelin for the allergies. I have also developed asthma and am also taking Advair 500/50 and Albuterol. Even with all this, I still have chronic post nasal drip and frequent sinus pressure with several sinus infections a year. I have been debating going back for more allergy testing don't know how much more they can do for me.