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It took me several years to figure my symptoms out. Turns out I had allergies, asthma, PND & GERD. I had to find the balance of treatment/lifestyle changes for all causes in order to get the symptoms under control. Everytime one of these is thrown out of control, it aggrevates the symptoms of the others. I got a sinus infection in january that then triggered a chronic cough, asthma and GERD. It took me about 3 months to get the infectiobn cleared and everything back in balance.

I had already had allergy testing and completion of immunotherapy so I knew what my triggers were. (I strongly recommend allergy testing by an allergist to find out what your allergies are to if you have them, find out what to avoid, and find out how to treat them.) I found a Primary Care Physician who was willing to listen to me and methodical in trying new treatments. I also went to a GI specialist this year to confirm the GERD my PCP was already treating me for--ended up upping my PPI to 2x/day. My Dr. also recommended seeing a Pulmanologist if the symptoms return again.

Currently I am taking allegra for Allergies, Singular for allergies and asthma, Advair 500/50 and Albuterol for asthma, Flonase and Astelin nasal sprays for allergies, Prevacid 2x/day for GERD. I know you aren't into medications, but after years of suffering and having my symptoms get worse and worse I have found them to be worth it at this time.