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I know saline nasalsprays are supopse to help with dry, irritated noses, but using it too much i assume just perpetuates the problem (since too much use of water + salt should dry you out, like taking too many showers in a day)? Am i correct in thinknig so? I am currently using flonase (1 spray in each nostirl once a day) and astelin (2 sprays in each nostril once a day), which is drying me up a bit. I decided to use Ayr salnie nose spray and i noticed after a few weeks my nose is so dry that its making me even more miserable. Bear in mind i just started taking Flonase and Astelin about 4 weeks ago. Could it be the saline nasal spray or is it really just the combo of Flonase and astelin taking its toll on my nose after the 4 weeks of use (before i was just taking nasonex one spray in each nostril once a day). Or it coudl just be all 3? Right now i stopped taking Astelin and Flonase all together in hopes of my nose becoming far less dry in a few days hopfully? I'm not referring to the nasal rinse products where you use to push water through the other nostril, just the little saline nasal rinse that you can carry in your pocket.

btw: am i using it correctly? Am i suppose to just leave it in my nose, or am i suppose to blow it out like the nasal rinse products that pushes a lot of water into your nostril and out the other?
I too use Flonase, Astelin (2x/day) and a nasal spray. I like the Ayr, but lately I have been using Xlear. So far, I think I like it even better. I also use an ultrasonic humidifier. Even with all that, I always have a dry nose because I live in a very dry climate.

The Flonase and Astelin help me breathe better. I have learned to live with the dry nose because I figure it is better to be able to breathe.

The directions for Ayr do not call for blowing your nose after. I never have-except when it drips.
the ayr salin nasal mist product doesn't mention anything about blowing your nose after you spray it into your nostril so i figure it isn't necessary to blow it out after you spray it in your nose (not talking about before you spray it in your nose, of course you would blow your nose before using any nasal product). Nobody with allergies/vasomotor rhinitis should use Afrin because it can cause an addiction if you use it more than 3 days, it is more of a temporary relief for colds, etc.

Mountainreader: the dry nose is really new to me, well this sever dry nose right now. But is it safe to say that the Ayr saline nasal mist is also making my nose more dry because i'm always using it, or is it just the flonase/astelin + weather that is makign my nose dry (i assume taking flonase/astelin for 4 weeks is starting to take its toll on my nose, making it dry)? How many sprays of astelin are you using, 2 sprays in each nostril once or twice a day? And how many sprays with flonase, once a day in each nostril i presume? My regimen was 2 sprays in each nostril once a day with astelin and one spray in each nostril once a day. I would use flonase first and then wait 5 minutes and use astelin.
I'm currently taking flonase and astelin. I am using it for about 4 weeks now is the reason why my nose is really dry. The ayr saline nasal mist is used so it can help my dry nose

It took me years to find the combinations that worked for me. Don't give in too quickly.

With Flonase, I use two sprays in each nostril once a day--in the morning.

With Astelin, I use two sprays in each nostril two times a day.

I use the Xlear two or three times a day. (Used to use Ayr.)

Are you in a humid climate? If not, a humidifier might also help. It is a catch 22 for me because I am allergic to the molds, but there are times I REALLY need the humidifier because the humidity where I live is extremely low. I am just careful to wash it often and change the filters regularly.

I take Allegra and Singulair for allergies. I also use dry eye drops and Restasis for Chronic Dry Eye. With the dry air and high altitude, there are a lot of people in my area with Chronic Dry Eye as well as dry nasal passages.

If you have questions about the meds before your next doctor's appointment, try talking to your Pharmacist. Mine is particularly helpful in answering questions about any side effects for over the counter items as well as prescriptions.
I live in the bay area, northern california (ranges from hot, nice to cold weather) . I believe i exhausetd my options of nasal sprays, from flonase, nasonex, astelin, etc. It is just the heat that really bugs me when i have vasomotor rhintis and i'm just hoping it'll get better in time as it usually does. I get good years and bad years for congestion. I also forgot what a humidifier and dehumidifer differences are. A dehumidifier (for warm summer periods) decreases the humidity correct and a humidifier increases it right (for winter/cold months)? Isn't a dry nose usually caused by really humid and non humid weather, basically really hot/cold weather? So a nice weather woudl be ideal?
I use both Astelin and Flonase. Astelin is an antihistimine, and therefore can be extremely drying. I've never noticed any drying effects with Flonase. You might try just one squirt of the Astelin and see if it is less drying, but still beneficial.

Saline is moisturizing. You can use it either way, as a way to clean out the sinuses, in which case you can blow afterwards. Or you can use it to moisturize, in which case you can leave it in.