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Just joined today and hope this posting doesn't upset anyone, but I'm at my wit's end!

I've been on allergy shots for 6, yes, that's 6 long years. I started mainly because of asthma, my sinuses were secondary. I was told at the time (I tested positive to 7 allergens) that they would have my dust mites under control in 6-8 months. Notice my chuckle and sarcasm here? I think NOT! :mad: After 4 years of weekly, yup weekly allergy shots and my Pulmonologist has the asthma controlled...my sinsus were starting to get really bad. New allergy doctor in same practice orders new allergy testing and sinus catscan. Two weeks later and new testing..oh, lo & behold I find out #1 the Bahia grass I tested positive to was *not* included in my serums, #2 not only am I still testing the original #4 to the dust mites, roaches, cat, etc..I am now allergic to 32 additional allergens. Can we say cry? I was hysterical to put it mildly!!! And angry. My poor husband said.."Try the new approach for a year and if you don't feel any different, stop them". I've put ALOT of time and money into this therapy. So off I go with the new program and another build-up phase. I have been getting one sinus infection after another (they have pushed me past the normal maintenance of #3 dosing to #5). Down for another sinus catscan in January only to hear the same thing. Inflammation indicitive of allergies and a mild deviated septum. I have been to three ENT's all more or less with the allergies takes perferance sort of attitude. I have just come off another course of antibiotics, two in fact for a month. Been through every nasal spray, now started Astelin last night. Am also stuck with hives they said.."99% of the time we'll never know what's causing them". I have moved from two apartments fleeing from the rugs sort of. Have NO pets sadly...and am ready to run from another rental. I am totally stuffed on the one side at night now, started doing the nasal rinses. Real fun!

I guess what I'm asking is...has anyone else felt that they allergy shots have not worked and what did you do? I have cried so much in the last two months, normal people have NO clue how bad one suffers with allergies..I dust with the mask--suffocation time--vaccumm with a Dyson...I just don't know who to turn to. I do not trust the allergy office, you get a different person everytime and two weeks ago I was switched from Bactrim DS to Avelox, had a very nasty reaction and spent the night on the bathroom floor only to contact them the next day and NO ONE was in the office to help me. I resorted to going to my Primary....

Any advice???? I would SO appreciate it and am SO sorry for the rant!