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I have problems with molds and indoor animals during the winter also. I don't have any animals myself anymore, but being around people who have them also aggrevates my allergies. I had scratch testing done and tested EXTREMELY allergic to those items as well as many trees, grasses and weeds-hence, year-round allergies. This is after having completed one round of immunotherapy. I am looking at beginning a second round in the next couple months.

For me, I am on the current treatment:
[*]allegra 180

I am also unable to take decongestants. I did for years, but my blood pressure began going up.

If your nose begins to become dry, try using moisturizing nasal sprays such as Xclear (found at local pharmacisists or natural food stores) or Ayr. Also a humidifier helps. I have to be careful to change filters often and to clean the unit frequently because of the molds, but it helps. The air where I am is very dry.