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I have had a problem with a chronic cough since December 2001. Some of my main triggers are: bad air, cold air, chemical smells, allergens, laughing, some foods, sinus infections. It took me years to find something that helps keep it in check.

The way my doctor described it, there are four main causes of chronic cough:
[*]post nasal drip
[*]acid reflux
It sounds like your doctors are treating all of these so you are on the right track. For me, I have discovered I have all four--and my primary symptom is often just a chronic cough for all but the allergies. It has taken years to find the right balance of treatment to keep all under control at the same time. I find when one gets out of whack, it often throws another off too.

Here is what worked for me:
[*]allergies and PND= Allegra, Flonase, Astelin, immunotherapy (although that really only helped on one of my allergies)
[*]asthma= Albuterol, Advair 500/50 (this was increased over 3 years), Singulair
[*]Acid Reflux= Prevacid TWO times per day (one dose of PPI's per day never helped) (Look on the acid reflux board under LPR for more information)
[*]Diet modifications also helped a bit.

I still have some problems when there are winter inversions with bad air quality, but otherwise, this combination has increased my quality of life tremendously.

I hope this helps some.

Good Luck finding what works for you.