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I tend to get horrible allergies during the spring, and have since childhood. When I was young it was just sneezing uncontrollibly and painful itching in eyes, nose, and down the throat. As I got older, they have gotten much worse. I get the painful itching, nasal drip and sneezing still, but now I get the dizziness, too.

One person mentioned being a zombie for several hours. I hear ya. I get the same thing. It's like I'm no longer the same person. I'm sneezing, dizzy, exhausted, zoned out, and all I want to do is sleep. On top of it, my personality changes. Nowadays, I become irritable and have a hair trigger.

Sadly, over the years, each medication, which were Godsends to start, hardly even touch me. I now have to take Clarinex, Singulair, and Astelin. Astelin wroked beautifully for two years. Now, the whole cocktail simply makes the allergies slightly manageable.