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Hi hi! Quick question... I have really really bad allergies (as some of you probably know from my other posts) and no matter what kind of pills I take... be it decongestants or allergy medicine... nothing ever clears up my nasal passages except nose sprays.

The problem is... I get very bad reactions from nose sprays... I was on Astelin at one point and it worked great but caused like 10 other problems.

Currently, my ENT put me on Veramyst and my allergist put me on Adovert or something like that... I can't remember the name. Well, it makes my nose bloody. Not like free flowing or anything... but every time I blow my nose there is blood on the tissue and I get bloody bugars.

My question is, is this really a bad thing? I told my allergist about it and she wanted me to stop the nose sprays and take the Ayr Saline Gell stuff to make the bleeding stop.

I really cannot tolerate my nose being clogged all the time. Its the worst when I wake up in the mornings and I usually can't sleep as much as I want to because of it. So, would it be terrible to keep using the Veramyst even though its making my nose bleed?
Hey there... yea, I still poke around here. :)

Yea, I know they reformulated the Rhinocort... that's why I am mad. I needed the aerosal one. It was awsome having a nasal inhaler... it didn't bother my sinuses at all and worked well. They also made it no longer water based. The reformulated one does the same stuff to me that all the other ones do.

I've had to stop taking nose sprays completely now... I'm not sure why every single nose spray I try makes my nose bleed. I get bloody boogars... nose bleeds when I blow it... Astelin worked really well for me but it had so many side effects it wasn't worth the clear nose.

I have tried sudafed... it does make me loopy. I can take Mucinex and that usually clears me up but it doesn't last long...maybe 4-6 hours. I think I'm gonna have to have sinus surgury.