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My kids have used zyrtec and singulair both, off and on for years, without problems. Both DD's & DS's behavior is horrible right now but I attribute that to their allergies (it's miserable here.)

There are other meds you could try though. DS uses older antihistamine/decongestant combos. He used extendryl for a long time but now uses ryneze (both RX). DD does use zyrtec but benedryl works ok for her, too. Allegra (RX) is also available in a syrup. We also like the alavert dissolvable tabs (OTC). Another good option is a nasal steroid spray. We've been using those for years. According to our allergist, if they need oral antihistamines more than 3 days/week, they should be on a nasal steroid spray. Those are of course RX. DD is also using astelin which is a topical antihistamine (also RX). For eye symptoms, zatidor (OTC) works well. Honestly, there are so many options out there, your allergist should be able to find a combo that works without causing problems.