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I'm New To This Website, So I Really Don't Know How This Works. I Finally Figured How To Ask A Question, So Here It Goes: I've Been Having Some Strange Symptoms Lately: Tingling In My Hands And Feet, Legs And Arms Feeling Like They're Falling Asleep, Blurred Vision And Headaches, Extreme Fatigue, Aching Legs(like Growing Pains) This Gets So Bad I Sometimes Have Trouble Walking, I Did Have Some Problems Where Food Felt Like It Wasn't Going Down All The Way, But This Only Lasted A Couple Weeks And Has Subsided. I Also Feel Like Sometimes My Hands Freeze Up And I Have Extreme Freguent Urination, Especially At Night(sometimes I Don't Even Have To Go It Just Feels Like I Do). I Have Had An Mri That Was Negative, And Nothing Has Shown Up In My Blood Work. I Am Having And Emg On Tuesday. This Has Been Going On For Months, Some Days Good Some Days Bad! Also In October My Blood Pressure Went Up And I Was Put On Metoprolol And Atacand. I Was Also Given Darvocet Which Does Nothing And Xanax For Anxiety. I Feel Like I'm Loosing My Mind And I Was Wondering If Anyone Had Any Thoughts To Give Me Any Ideas On What's Going On. Thanks!