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For the last 3 weeks I have had this wicked heavyness in my chest, like someone is sitting on me. Also every so often I would get a pain in my jaw. I do have High Blood Pressure and it has been great, even while pregnant. Well I went to the doctor last week and my BP was high 150/90. So they took me off the Aldomet I was on and put me on Atacand. It is still high. I thankfully see the doctor today.

I guess I am just freaking out, cause I don't want it to be a heart problem. It has been 3 weeks, has NOT gotten any worse. I can eat, and sleep no problem. Walk the stairs, I do get short of breath, but I am not a small person. I always get out of breath.

I also am wondering if it could be PMS, since I am due to start tomrrow. And if the heavyness is Reflux, not sure if it gets worse after I eat or not, never really paid any attention. I do sometimes get a buring in my throat.

I am just freaking I am sure. My mom said the same thing, it has been 3 weeks, and I haven't gotten worse, I still feel about the same. She is convienced it is Reflux.

Ok just had to talk to someone, or I would go nuts.
I am 32 years old. I actually already had the baby 4 months ago. Sorry I have a problem sometimes with making myself clear. I was on the Aldomet while pregnant, but recently switched to Atacand. I am also about 75lbs overweight, but losing it with diet.

I saw the doc yesterday and she is ordering a stess test. It won't be done until March 31 and she said that is ok to wait.

Thank you so much for reading and replying.