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I am wondering who here is still actively exercising? If so what type of exercise are you doing and does it aggreavte the weird symptoms?

I am thinking of starting to do something, even just basic walking, just not sure. I find that if I walk alot then I start to get a strange feeling of being very lightheaded and floaty..........sometimes it scares me and feels a little like I may faint.

Thanks, Ilia x

Hi Ilia,
Been off the boards for a little bit. I exercise. I run 5-6 days a week now. I am on Klonopin and now a new drug called Atacand which is for MAV issues. I'll post a whole new thread on that story. At any rate, what I have discovered is that running actually makes me feel a bit more normal while I am doing it. Not every time, but most of the time, it's actually like a break from some of the symptoms. I am not certain if that is due to the difficulty of running and how that overwhelms the other symptoms or if just getting my blood pumping gives me the sense that I am "clearing my head".

The conclusion I came to is that running isn't going to hurt me. It's good for me, and since my condition isn't something that's going to get worse (over the long haul) by some vigorous exercise, I might as well do it. I have also gotten to a point where I have to move on. I can't sit and dwell in this tiresome issue and act as if I simply cannot go on. It's here, and it's been here quite a while, and I better get used to it and try to live anyway. I was a runner before all of this, and ran my first marathon in May last year. This condition started it's chronic status one month later, in June. I've gained 20 lbs from not running for many months while the symptoms were really bad, but now that they've leveled out where I can get by, but have good days and bad, as opposed to all bad, all the time, feeling like all I can do is lie down, I've decided to take back a portion of my life that's gotten out of control. That would be my fitness obviously!

I would just suggest that you try it. In the beginning when I started back again, it was really hard. I felt dizzy, brought on some vertigo, felt very tired, all of that. But I would say it's best just to take it slowly and do what feels ok. I haven't gone running yet where it set off symptoms that were worse than what I already had going that day. The vertigo I got was temporary, so again, you have to just see what your body will tolerate.

There's a holistic PhD guy out there named Dr Weil. I am not entirely sold on his concepts and ideas, but he said in one of his books about general wellness that getting outside and walking amongst the trees is very good medicine. He also spoke of taking "news fasts" and "tv fasts", ways of eliminating stress from your life. I have found definite truth in his concept of getting out into nature and taking in some fresh oxygen. For example, a couple weeks ago I was having a terrible night. I felt so heavy with symptoms and also some hormonal stuff, so I just went outside got away from the artificial noise of the tv, and all the commotion of family chatter, and sat on the deck at my sister's house and listened to the frogs croaking and looked up at the starry sky, and just got some fresh air. It made a world of difference. I was able to go back and resume the rest of the evening with a better perspective if nothing else.

I am digressing, but anyway, get out and try the walking. I bet it will end up being a very good thing for you.
Take care,