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I've got Migraine Associated Vertigo. It all manifested about a year ago, and I am 35. I also have vestibular damage due to a Labyrinthitis attack. In any case, this is all no fun. I am taking Atacand daily as a preventative, and it seems to be helping somewhat. I also take Klonopin daily which is more geared toward the vestibular damage aspect of my disequillibrium and vertigo.

But the main reason I am posting is actually about my son who is 6. He's complained of "right eye headaches" for a few months now. I took him to the doctor and she diagnosed him with migraine headaches. We have a very heavy family history, me, my mom, grandmothers on both sides, great grandmother, great aunt and uncle, and so on...

The doc wants us to keep a headache journal to keep track of what's going on for the next month, and also to treat with Motrin until we determine if a preventative medication is needed.

I am just wondering about others who posted here that began having migraines at a young age. Did it get progressively worse over the years? Did your symptoms start out like my son's, just a headache in the eye, then graduate to vomiting and so forth. What are your experiences with it as a kid? My family members who are afflicted haven't had the vomiting I don't think, it's primarily headache, light and noise sensitivity, fatigue.

My case is different because I rarely get the headaches, I mostly just get heavy dizzy days with noise sensitivity and general wooziness. It's frequently driven by the time of the month, that's been pretty consistant. However I have a ongoing lesser version going on daily which is the vestibular damage part. But there's an obvious sign when that migraine attacks my vestibular system.

Thanks for any thoughts you all may have on this.