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Hey Vicki,
I am feeling better. It was a rough 4 days or so, but I am out of it again and back to being in the 80% range. I like it! I spoke with my doctor's nurse about the Klonopin and the Atacand. She is going to call me back next week, but it sounds like I can stay on it for a while. He doesn't want to see me unless I am worse, which I am not. He will see me in a few months to reevaluate my case, but for now I am to stay the course as the drugs seem to be working in a big way to make my life managable.

The boys were thrilled to see their Dad, but he's very sick right now which is a huge bummer. We don't know what it is, but it came from overseas. We are waiting for blood tests to come back. Although it's already been pretty long, it will probably run it's course, but they are giving him some antibiotics tomorrow just in case. Then depending on the test results (which take a week), they may have to do something else. It's put a real damper on our welcome home, but it's out of our hands. Please keep him in your prayers for us. He's tough, and I am sure he'll come out just fine, but for now it's been a real drag. Sickest he's ever been really.

So when is your Lyme Disease test? I can't remember. I just bought my dog some tick preventative for when we head up in the mountains. I don't want to have any nasty issues around that kind of thing!

Are you done with school yet? I think you said you were. What curriculum are you using? We may have discussed this, but I think I am having "brain fog" on it! I am browsing the catalog for next school year. We'll stick with the same, Sonlight.

Oh...I wanted to mention to you if you move to CO, there's a great program they are offering for homeschoolers. It's a charter correspondence school (ie. Free, falls under public system) and they are using the K-12 curriculum. If you've shopped around you'll know that K-12 is reputable and pricey. The school district gives you the curriculum, a computer, teacher support, everything you need. The problem for us is not knowing the career path, and the possibility of us moving during the school year in which case we are stuck paying the $1600 cost for the program out of pocket, or disenrolling. So I think I have to stay with the safe bet, and I like my program anyway. But it's a great opportunity for people who are going to be in the state all year. Just thought I would mention it because you are looking at this area.

Ok, that's all, take care,