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Hi Shen,
I looked at your post with great interest as not that many people are dealing with MAV on this site. There are a few. I am probably one of them, so it grabbed my attention.

I am unfamiliar with your medications. I am taking Atacand as a preventative, plus Klonopin every day. The theory is, I have vestibular damage from a Lab attack a year and a half ago, which I am not compensating for, and the MAV is regularly assaulting my vestibular system and not allowing me to ever compensate and feel normal.

So far my experience with the Atacand and Klonopin mix has been good. It's not perfect as I have some bad days still, but all in all I run at 80-90% about 75% of the time.

My neurologist said it may take a few different tries to find the right migraine medication for each individual. Also, with the Atacand my doctor said it takes about a month to see if it's effective.

Speaking of, yesterday I had a MAV attack and I was a mess all night and feel washed out this morning. I was fine in the morning then went to the theater, at the concession stand there were lots of flashing lights and stuff and suddenly I felt that motionsick thing. I went into the film and had to close my eyes for more than half of it. My head hurt essentially in my right ear and that right side of my head, and when I got home all I could do was go to bed. I got up for a little bit, felt horrible, then went to bed at 10:30, got up at 10:30 this morning and felt like I was hung over or something.

I am curious what your experience is with MAV.

Do you actually have headaches, or is it just the dizziness? Do you mind sharing your whole experience with me? I am curious as to what you experience when you have an attack, and do you have constant issues or just periodic attacks? Thanks.

Hi Shen,
Thanks for sharing your info, very interesting. I think our stories are somewhat similar. When did all this start for you?

My story goes like this. December 2002, middle of the night, I woke up with violent spinning (as if I am on a round and round, literally holding on to the bed for dear life). Attack lasted 20 seconds or so, and I had several. Went to the ER, was told I had Labyrinthitis and given Meclizine which essentially knocked me out for two days. I had no more vertigo after being medicated. I recovered from that whole thing in a week, and went on my way for 6 months.

June 2003, I started to feel a subtle disequillibrium feeling similar to the sensation of having one too many drinks. I also felt a buzzing in the back of my head and noticed tinnitus all the time. Saw a doc who told me it was Lab, and that they come in different levels, and this was different from my first attack, but that it should pass. Put me back on Meclizine which was unbearable because of it's sleepy effects. Then I tried several other medications related to motionsickness, none of which really helped, and the side effects were annoying. The symptoms increased over a matter of weeks and really peaked in July. Had a few panic attacks just like you said. Horrible feeling. Other symptoms included mild vertigo, movement of stationary objects, dizziness, nausea, fatigue, feeling as if I were on another plain from everyone else, very spacey.

August 2003, referred to an ENT. She ordered hearing, MRI, ENG and ECoG tests. Both ENG and ECoG were slightly abnormal, she diagnosed me with Meniere's Disease and referred me to a Neuro Otologist. Symptoms continued, slightly less, but still very much there.

Fall 2003, saw the Neuro Otologist who analyzed my situation and said I don't have Meniere's Disease, but that I do have vestibular damage due to Lab and Vestibular Neuronitis. He also proposed that I have MAV because of family history (heavy on both sides for migraine headaches). He recommended I go on Klonopin (vestibular supressant, slows down the nervous system) but being uncomfortable with all the drugs I have tried so far, I refused. Symptoms continued.

February 2004, I finally cave after a discussion with the Neuro Otologist and take Klonopin. .25 mg 2x a day. After a few weeks, getting past sleepy effects, I find it to be very helpful. I start feeling more normal than I have in a while.

March 2004, I see the Neurologist about MAV. I describe my symptoms along with a couple of suspicious headaches (not my main complaint and not that obvious) and he feels that MAV is contributing to my ails. Puts me on Atacand which is a blood pressure medication (my blood pressure is fine) that is used for Migraine prevention as well.

April 2004 -, I actually have some days in the 90% range.

Current, I continue to have ups and downs, but a lot more ups for the most part. My current complaints are still chronic tinnitus, mild vertigo, occasional dizziness, and so on. Yesterday's episode was so suspicious to me as far as being MAV. It all made a lot of sense. The headache, the intense wooziness and my need to go to bed and put a pillow over my head to block out light and sound.

I too have escalated symptoms around my period. I have also heard that can be due to the higher retention of fluid during that time of the month, but I attribute it to hormones as I feel very irritable and PMSy with the escalated symptoms.

So..that's my longwinded story! We all love to tell our stories I think! It's just so frustrating to not have something that's easily diagnosed. So anyway, tell me when this started, how long have you been coping?

The things I've tried I mentioned so far. Meds. I haven't done any VRT, it hasn't been recommended to me at all. I am not sure why. My doc wants to see me in two months to reassess the situation, so I guess I'll go from there on any other treatments.

So far I would say the Klonopin and Atacand have been the most effective treatments for me. It's the closest to normal as I have been so far. But I have setbacks, like right now. This last couple days have been rough. And I totally attribute it to the migraine attack two days ago.

As far as weight gain, I can relate. I actually gained 20 lbs since last year because of the symptoms. I normally run 6 days a week, and I had just completely my first marathon a month before this mess started. Then, all exercise stopped, and the nausea, which I equate with the feeling of morning sickness made me feel as if I had to keep a steady amount of food in my stomach at all times. So..I gained the weight. Thankfully, since I have been on the Klonopin I have been able to resume my running and also diet because it's virtually removed that sick to the stomach feeling that drove me nuts. So, I have now lost 23 lbs which makes me feel SO good. It was just so frustrating to have the symptoms, the scale climbing, the pants too tight, and everything else. Now I feel like at least I have a piece of my life back, and I just have to contend with the setback days and look forward to the better ones.

I am unfamiliar with your medications. I know my doc said the Atacand is one of the lowest side effect migraine meds, so he decided to start there. The only side effect I have is lightheadedness when I stand up too fast, and that continues still. So I just have to be careful.

Anyway, sorry that you have to deal with the weight gain. Another thing I found troubling was taking birth control pills. I got off them and I feel that my hormones are more predictable. I know when I am going to get worse, every month. It was harder to tell when I was taking the pill. I also felt like I don't need another pill to take right now, I have a good mix of chemicals swimming around in my body! How about you, what are your feelings about the hormonal effects of all this on you?

Hi Shen,
The site topic was just this one, Inner Ear disorders, but if you do a search you'll find the discussion of air travel come up a few times.

I am on two medications. The Klonopin (Clonazipam) is for the vestibular damage, not the migraine. The Atacand is for the migraine problems. If and when I go off Klonopin in two months, I expect I will stay on the Atacand as it's a migraine preventative.

My neurologist said that the plan is to take the Atacand which should hopefully get the MAV attacks under control because every time I have one, it inteferes with any compensation process that should be happening with the vestibular damage. He is hoping that if we get the MAV under control, the other will come together for me. It's all theory.

I haven't discussed the MAV meds with my neuro otologist yet, but mentioned to his nurse on the phone that I am taking them. When I see him in two months I'll just have to see what he wants to do next. I wouldn't mind being drug free, but on the other hand, I am afraid it will all come back and hit me hard again. I am so happy to be able to live my life most days now thanks to the meds. I can only hope that compensation is taking place during this medicated period. On the other hand, I still have chronic tinnitus which isn't a good sign that any major healing or changes have happened. I just don't know...it will be an experiment. I am not doing VRT.

I have had the MAV for a little over a year now in theory. That's when the chronic condition started. My first bout with Labyrinthitis was over a year and a half ago. But the fact that I made the full recovery from that attack and started this chronic thing 6 months later makes everything very confusing and suspicious. MAV was proposed as a contributor (in addition to the vestibular damage) in Sept of last year by my Neuro Otologist, and then confirmed by a Neurologist in March of this year.

So, in a nutshell, I supposedly have vestibular disturbance/damage from the Lab attack and then Vestibular Neuronitis attack, and then MAV on top of that. They could see some abnormal stuff on my ECoG and ENG, but it wasn't huge. So they know the vestibular system has been effected and it's not just MAV.


On the VRT issue, it hasn't been proposed for me. What I have read about it is that it's a very old idea. Something from back in the 40s I think. But that it's making a resurgence because they are finding that the drugs aren't necessarily helping people. So it's kind of like the best they can offer if drugs aren't helping you or you don't want to take them...I guess. Or if you aren't seeing progress. But some people on this site are doing well with it, so gosh, might as well give it a try. I can't knock it, I haven't tried it. I am just so pleased with the meds right now I don't want to go try something else. I have an "if it works, don't fix it" thought on that.

I am glad you are having a few good days. I know how welcome that is. Have you been tested for vestibular damage in any way?
Take care,