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Hi all,
I have been away from the boards, just trying to live my life and not obsess about my symptoms. However, I must add that my symptoms have been really low for the last couple months. I DO have setbacks. For example, three days ago I felt woozy all day, then two days ago I woke up very off balance and felt that way all day. I had a minor vertigo attack that night, and also last night. I also continue to have the chronic tinnitus that I hate so much. Today I feel almost back to normal (except the tinnitus which is merciless).

Recap for those who don't know, I was diagnosed with an attack of severe Labyrinthitis back in Dec 2002. I recovered for 6 months, and then in June of 2003, I began having a slow onset of odd feelings. Motion sickness, tinnitus, spaceyheadedness, woozy, nauseated, mild vertigo, you name it. I was tested with all the usual things, MRI, ENG, ECoG, hearing, most was normal but there were some minor abnormal readings in the ENG and ECoG. I was sent to a neuro otologist who diagnosed me with vestibular damage due to Lab, Vestibular Neuronitis, and MAV. I have been on Klonopin since Feb of 04, and Atacand (for MAV prevention) since April 04 (I decided I needed some help and couldn't keep trying to deal with this without medication as much as I hated to take it). Being on the medication has made my life manageable, in fact, semi normal for the most part. But we cannot stay on things like Klonopin forever, and my doctor has asked me to come in for an appointment soon so that we can discuss weening off to see what happens.

At any rate, I guess I am just posting because it's been a while and I wanted everyone to know that there is hope of some recovery. I have felt despair during this whole ordeal, but I now feel like I can deal with this tiresome problem because I no longer have the constant feeling like I am drunk, but only occasionally get hit with a resurgence. I am certain that it's hormonally charged in most cases which definitely leans toward MAV as the big culprit in my lack of complete recovery.

How is everyone else doing? I see a lot of new names on this topic now, but still some familiar ones. I am not sure if that's good or bad. It would be nice to see everyone I know gone, because then I could assume you are all healed! But I know better with this head monster...it likes to stick around.

Just know it DOES improve...it may not go away entirely, but it does get better.

Take care all,